Clinic Card

For the truly committed (or just people looking for a bargain) we have our loyalty card that offers a range of savings and discounts.

What Does It Cost?

Standard – £35/year
Student/Unemployed1 – £25/year

What Do I Get?

Standard Discount

The card offers a 10% discount2 on all purchases over £10 with the exception of original artwork and some other goods as specified when ordered.

New Card Discount

You get a 15% discount3 on your first purchase over £10 the day you buy or renew your clinic card.

Birthday Discount

On your birthday, Uncle Mike gives you a 15% discount3 instead of the normal 10%

Clinic Points

For every full £10 spent (after discount) you earn a point.

What Are Clinic Points Good For?

By matching points with pounds (a minimum spend of £10 is required) you can receive up to 50% off Selected Items

Back issues

We have a huge stock of back issues all of which are eligible for points spending. This is an ideal way to fill those gaps in your collection.

Clinic Card Weekends

Approximately 3-4 times a year Clinic card holders are given the opportunity to spend up to 40 points (matched with at least £40 of course) on any stock item4 over the course of the weekend.


For a minimum spend of 10 points + £10 = £20 of back issues
11 points + £11 = £22 of back issues
30 points + £30 = £60 back issues
Remember you can always spend more money than you are matching with points
i.e. 15 points + £22 = £37 of back issues

Terms and Conditions

When Purchasing a Clinic Card:

Persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
We will ask you to tell us your ‘preferred medication’ and a ‘straightjacket size’, these are security questions that we may use with mail order customers or as proof you have a clinic card membership (we don’t actually want to know if you require medication).
1. If you are a Student or Unemployed we ask that you bring proof of status.

Using Your Clinic Card

2. To receive a discount a minimum spend of £10 is required.
3. Discounts are not cumulative. Only the largest applicable discount will be taken from any item purchased. E.g. If you were to purchase your clinic card on your birthday you only get 15% off and not 30%
4. Items specifically order for you or set aside for you are not eligible for the clinic card weekend discount.
Though most of our stock is eligible for the standard discounts there are exceptions:
Original artwork is owned by the artist and sold on a commission basis and so is not subject to discount, though your purchase will still earn you clinic points
CCG products for tournaments and shop sanctioned play are not subject to discount as the shop is in many cases already providing the prize support.
These terms and conditions are subject to change.