Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang – Issue 6


El Diablo is the most wanted man in the world-wanted by Checkmate, the Suicide Squad and now Justicia, the Mexican Justice League. Cornered, beaten and bloody, will Chato choose love, revenge or freedom? Will he sacrifice his freedom to save the woman he loves or kill the man he hates? Or will he die in the desert again? If he dies, he won’t be alone. And in this issue’s second tale, held prisoner in her own mind by a powerful drug, Waller must face the things she’s done to get to where she is, while the Squad struggles to survive being hunted by killers who know their weaknesses! RATED T+

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Title: Dead Again! / Down The Rabbit Hole Part 2 Of 2


Writer Jai Nitz
Writer Vita Ayala
Artist Cliff Richards
Artist Matt Merhoff
Colorist Beth Sotelo
Colorist Hi-Fi Colour Design
Letterer Josh Reed
Letterer A Larger World Studios
Cover Artist Mike Huddleston
Cover Colorist Rico Renzi
Editor Harvey Richards
Editor Bobbie Chase
Editor Sara Miller
Editor In Chief Bob Harras


Katana Tatsu Yamashiro
Uncle Sam
Amanda Waller
Deadshot Floyd Lawton
El Diablo Lazarus Lane
Enchantress June Moone
Captain Boomerang George ‘Digger’ Harkness
El Diablo Chato Santana
Behemoth Taro Raiden
Iman Diego Irigoyen
El Muerto Pablo Valdez
Acrata Andrea Rojas
Harley Quinn Harleen Frances Quinzel
Jake Dalesko
Leviathan Lester Witz
Azucar Veronica Lopez
El Dorado

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