The Uncanny Inhumans – Issue .MU-A


THE EPIC BATTLE MARVEL FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, DRAWN BY TODAY'S GREATEST ARTISTS! •  A terrible twosome of LEVIATHON MONSTERS has crashed down in Rome, and with Earth's Heroes spread thin, it's up to Medusa and the UNCANNY INHUMANS to stop them! •  But when one of the monsters sets its sights on a small village, Crystal and Swain are cut off from their team – and one is gravely injured. •  A comrade down, a titan on her tail, and a group of people counting on her, one hero must dig deep and face her inner demons to take down a TITANIC THREAT. Rated T+

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Writer Paul Allor
Artist Brian Level
Colorist Jordan Boyd
Letterer Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist Michael Walsh
Cover Artist Gustavo Duarte

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