The Unwritten – Issue 3


Tom Taylor’s crisis of identity continues. Because of the machinations of a girl, whose only given name is Lizzie Hexam, half the world thinks Tom Taylor is actually Tommy Taylor – the protagnoist of his missing father’s series of novels about a child wizard. He’s come to the villa where he last saw his father in search of some papers from early on in his life. But the housekeeper who would have them isn’t here at the moment. Instead, the villa is hosting a group of horror writers to discuss another book that was written there… Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

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Product Description

Title: Tommy Taylor & the Bogus Identity, Chapter Three

Storyarc: Tommy Taylor & the Bogus Identity


Writer Mike Carey
Artist Peter Gross
Colorist Chris Chuckry
Colorist Jeanne McGee
Letterer Todd Klein
Cover Artist Yuko Shimizu
Editor Pornsak Pichetshote


Tom Taylor
Lizzie Hexam
Sonia Taft
Simon Grove
Lauren Sedgewick
Stanley Jardine
James Mortensen

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